Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1st Night Out on the Job

Last night there was a Social Media Club meeting of South Florida. The sisters and I made plans to attend and hopefully move some product.
We were rushed because it was a weeknight, details around the packaging and the cards, and me with a mammoth stomach ache! It was hectic.
We made it to the meeting about a half an hour late. The speaker was a real estate agent who amplified her business leveraging social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter. We listened from the waiting area outside the room. Partially because there weren't any chairs left (that we could see..) and because we weren't sure we wanted to commmit to the lecture. We may want to dip out early, etc.
There were some key themes to the talk, but mostly it focused on the real estate world. Some anecdotes about sharing information and being generous so people will respect you and share with you...all good stuff.
Not sure how the end of the meeting would play out, we quickly moved onto the after party. The Off the Hookah after party. Seriously. We should have known that 8:45 on a Tuesday night is not when you find prospective clients. But, we went anyway. And, when in Rome, smoke a hookah. We got the apple flavor, I am still not sure if I actually liked it or not.
We had high hopes of selling all 24 we had on hand when we got there, and that reduced down to wanting to sell at least one as the night went on. There were strange groups of people in this pseudo-Egyptian establishment. Some looked anti-social and from out of town. Some just anti-social in general.
Finally Jul starts talking to the guy next to her. Clearly not in the demo. He works on a boat (I'm on a Boat!!), hardly ever uses a computer. Not on Facebook yet. But, he's entertaining the discussion.
After he told us that the sister bit was not working, and making Jul try really, really hard to close, we decided to call it a night. As we all stood up to walk away, he took out his wallet and agreed to buy a Vampire. I was too nervous to look, like I might jinx it. Eventually, he committed, bought it, and was taking it out of the box.
We all high four'd with him, so I guess if he ever logs on and creates his contact card, I will know if his real name is actually Joaquin. Or if he gave us a fake.

All in all, we learned some things. The target audience for the SMC meeting is very important, and set your expectations appropriately. Personally, I need to get more comfortable talking to strangers if I want to do face-to-face sales. People who have been drinking will buy stuff if you talk to them. If you throw in a hotdog, even better!

It was fun.

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