Friday, April 3, 2009


We've got a ton of ideas and things that need to be set in motion, and they're not happening fast enough. Trying to keep track of every idea so that we don't forget anything.

Our girl's going to be so cool, I cannot wait. She's going to capture your interest and your heart. She's smart, cool, hip, and fun. She's your best friend and your wing-woman. She is comfortable with her inner geek.

Trying to concentrate now at the tasks at hand which is not easy. Need to keep everything in perspective, but also keep the energy and excitement up!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

day zero

It started with an story, and some conversations between sisters and family. Our first order took almost two weeks to arrive, and over that time, I think we all doubted the idea a little.

Then they arrived. All packed nice and neat in the small, white box. Lined up by personality. There's the Bee, the Alien, VooDoo, and the Panda. Each different in their own way.
Well then...who's going to be who? The Bee is easy for Bridget. Jul wants to be the Alien, and I think that appeals to Owen the best, too. I will take VooDoo. I think I recall my old friend, Linda, calling me that during our days at PDX because of my IDX login. Fitting. and funny.

Now, we have to "high four" each other! Should we do it before we activate the little guy? or after? What is "ghost" mode? So exciting!! So fun. They like each other! They want to be friends.

Playing around with the site, trying to figure it out a bit. I think it has some bugs. From everything I am reading, they are making improvements to the site, I am sure they have heard from people that there are some issues.

Then we brainstormed. A lot of good ideas. Plotted out a timeline. We would like to have our site up in 2 weeks. I think it's completely doable! And can't wait. More later.